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Collaborate Effectively,
and Beautifully.

Blockeyfi provides an effective and joyful way to develop your creative projects.

Features & Benefits

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts

startup founders work organised

Workflow That
Just Works

Our commitment offers the smooth experience. We take your resources seriously and do not waste your time and money.

serve customers globally


BlockDAO will cover all-in-one platform for startup founders and dedicated teams. They can collaborate just like in-house teams. Socialise and get work done!

the Complex 

We understand your requirements. Your ideation to launch strategy is defined and executed with a dedicated team.

a laptop and a mouse

By Creatives, for Creatives

Blockeyfi's state of the art product BlockDAO will allow incredible experience to founders developing their dream. Sign up for our wait list. Learn more about how you can benefit as an early bird

an incredible platform for startup founders

With the Right Software,
Great Things Can Happen

manage your project like an in-house team

BlockDAO will offer an isolated in-house collaboration experience with the remotely distributed teams. Founders from technical and non-technical backgrounds could pick their team, setup the milestones, and get work done. Socialising will allow the team to participate in cool stuff. Project management never came handy before BlockDAO.

startups founding was never easy
setup your in-house team

Blockeyfi worked with us for around 2 years. They designed and developed all the system and backend architecture. Which helps us partnered with Google, Polygon, etc. and raised some money. I am glad we collaborated with Blockeyfi at the initial stage.


Founder AlienPlant

Blockeyfi UK are the team of experts in almost all technical domains.

We are currently under development with them. So far the deliverables are quality work under the desired timeline.

Chris Contogouris
Sauttercigars Mayfair, London

We struggled for six months to find the right talent who can develop our idea.

We met with team Blockeyfi and trusted the process. We found ourselves in the safe hands. Our platform is live and running.

- Darko Josipović



What Our Clients Are Saying

stack tasks and see how they are resolved in realtime
an nft marketplace for cigars
music blockchain
an nft marketplace for aliens and plants
a copytrading project

Industry Standard

Trusted by The Great

You Take Care of Business. We Take Care of Your Code.

A better way to get work done. Ease of mind, cost effective, committed to the timeline, and early access to the market.

Choose a Plan That Works for You

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